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Some developers caught unprepared for Apple WWDR certificate update

Despite advance warning from Apple, some developers were taken by surprise after the company's previous Worldwide Developer Relations (WWDR) Intermediate Certificate expired on Sunday, preventing approval for apps and services.

Without the updated certificate, developers can't provide Apple Wallet passes, deliver Safari push notifications, or create approved Safari extensions, Apple explained. The code is also essential for App Store purchase receipts, and developers submitting new apps for review must have the latest certificate. Apps already in the wild will continue to work using the old one.

Apps presently in development or run as in-house enterprise projects will continue to work until the provisioning profile used to compile them expires, or their signing certificate is manually revoked.

The new WWDR Intermediate Certificate is set to expire on Feb. 7, 2023.

The issue is relatively easy to resolve, The Next Web noted. After going into the OS X Keychain and deleting the outdated certificate, the next step is just manually downloading the new one (from the expiration warning page) and restarting Xcode.