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IBM & Box collaborate on new MobileFirst app for iPhone and iPad

IBM on Thursday revealed its latest MobileFirst iOS app for enterprise, Expert Seller, which was developed in partnership with cloud storage service Box.

A new version of Expert Seller specifically uses Box's content management system, and can be deployed in less than five days after the initial contract and configuration, IBM claimed. Marketing, sales, and content teams can upload material to the app and have it appear instantly.

As with the existing version of the software, the new title — for iPhone and iPad — lets salespeople both prepare for pitches and offer up material to show to clients.

IBM and Box originally announced a partnership in June 2015. MobileFirst for iOS is itself a partnership with Apple dating back to 2014, with the two companies splitting duties on development, deployment, and support.

There are now over 100 MobileFirst iOS apps, spread across 14 different industries. Each is essentially a template that can be tailored to a business' special needs.

IBM recently promised to develop MobileFirst apps for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but these have yet to appear on the market.