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AT&T hikes smartphone activation & upgrade fee to $20, matching Verizon

AT&T has quietly raised its smartphone activation and upgrade fee from $15 to $20, matching a similar fee imposed by Verizon earlier this week.

AT&T updated its fees document on April 6, according to Droid Life, making the change effective immediately. For people upgrading, the fee applies to both Next plans and paying full device cost.

Still intact is a $45 fee associated with two-year contracts, although like other major U.S. carriers the company is steering customers towards monthly installments or outright device purchases wherever possible.

AT&T has not offered an explanation for the price hike. AT&T and Verizon are however the two largest carriers in the U.S., leaving little competitive cost if they match each other's fees.

As of this week, T-Mobile is now the only major U.S. carrier without an activation or upgrade fee. Sprint can in fact charge up to $36.