More evidence of 'macOS' rebranding surfaces on Apple website

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In another subtle hint that Apple plans to rebrand its desktop operating system "macOS," the company on Wednesday published a support document containing reference to the new naming convention alongside software pillars iOS, tvOS and watchOS.

As seen in the screenshot above, taken from an iTunes developer resource page covering upcoming changes to App Store revenue sharing, Apple refers to its Mac operating system as "macOS" — with a lowercase "m" — instead of OS X.

Apple has not voiced intent to switch away from OS X, but the company is dropping hints that a name change may be in the offing. In April, for example, an environmental FAQ webpage labeled Macs as "MacOS" devices, while at the same time making reference to OS X.

MacOS first popped up in a framework in March as part of Apple's OS X 10.11.4 release. The use of a capital "M" in April and a lowercase "m" today suggests internal branding might be in flux.

While Apple has yet to make an official announcement, it has been speculated that the company will do so at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference next week. Apple is expected to reveal roadmaps for of its major software platforms at the event.