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iOS 10 Messages gain rich links, 3X bigger emojis, bubble effects & third-party app integration

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As the most-used app on iOS, Apple's Messages will receive a major overhaul in the upcoming iOS 10 update, including a number of emoji-related enhancements, dynamic text bubbles, and rich links with images automatically integrated into chats. Third-party developers will also be able to tap into and expand iMessages with their own creations

With iOS 10, emojis can be presented three times bigger than before. Recommended emojis will also be presented in predictive QuickType recommendations.

Typing a message and then switching to the emoji keyboard will also cause iOS 10 to recommend words it can replace with certain emoji. Simply tap on the highlighted words to replace them with the appropriate emoji.

Apple will also integrate dynamic bubbles, which can grow, shrink or offer other dynamic presentations based on a user's selection. This will allow people to express themselves in unique ways, as digital versions of shouting or whispering, for example.

Users will also be able to tap on a received message bubble to react to it specifically, such as with a thumbs-up or a heart.

Another feature called "Invisible Ink" allows users to send a secret message that can only be seen when the recipient wipes the particles away to reveal the message, adding an element of surprise.

In another change, images can be presented in new ways, such as pictures that are only revealed when a user taps on them. Digital Touch is also coming from Apple Watch to iOS, allowing users to draw handwritten responses or even share their heartbeat.

iOS 10 will also introduce full-screen effects in Messages. In one example, fireworks were shown in the background behind text bubbles, temporarily presenting a dynamic display in the message window.

Applications will also be able to integrate with a new feature called "iMessage Apps." In one example, a user could use Square Cash to transfer money to another user via a third-party app plugin.

In another demonstration, a collection of Disney-branded stickers could be accessed, ranging from Mickey Mouse to Finding Dory. Stickers could also be "peeled" from the keyboard and placed onto a received picture message.

Another third-party app showed a group collaborating on an order for delivered food, thanks to a "group cart" via a third-party iMessage App.