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Video: See Apple's overhauled iOS 10 Messages with expressive text bubbles, animations & more

Perhaps the biggest overhaul in Apple's upcoming iOS 10 can be seen in the Messages app, which will add the ability to send drawings, change message bubbles, replace words with emoji, use stickers, integrate third-party apps, and much more.

As seen in the video above, Messages on iOS 10 is essentially an entirely new experience, with new features found throughout. iMessage chats will become more expressive, with text bubbles that animate and move, and downloadable stickers that can be sent and stuck to images within the chat.

Messages will also gain rich links, allowing users to preview a link before tapping on it. And videos will play directly within Messages, without the need to launch a browser or separate app.

iOS 10 is now available to registered developers in a pre-release beta. Members of Apple's public beta program will be able to install the software in July, while iOS 10 will officially launch to the public this fall, likely in late September.