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Inside watchOS 3: New 'Breathe' app for Apple Watch reminds you to relax, focus

In addition to reminding you to stand and walk throughout the day, watchOS 3 will also prompt Apple Watch users to take a minute to relax, focus and meditate with a new app dubbed "Breathe."

Breathe is an all-new app found in watchOS 3. Upon updating, the default settings will have Breathe prompt a user to have a focused breathing session every four hours.

The app guides users through a series of deep breaths, intended to help manage everyday stress. By default, the app offers a one-minute session of seven breaths, but these can be extended to longer sessions, and breathing can be slowed to four breaths per minute, or expanded to ten per minute.

When a Breathe notification pops up, users can either begin a session or choose to snooze it. A dedicated Breathe app on the app screen —  as well as a new Breathe complication that can be added to watch faces — also allow users to start a session whenever they choose.

Once users begin, the app informs them to "be still and bring attention to your breath." A series of circles on the Apple Watch display gradually expand, accompanied by taptic feedback on the wrist, letting the user know to slowly inhale.

The use of feedback in the app can allow users to focus on their breathing and following along with their eyes closed, without a need to look at the app on their wrist.

The circles on the Apple Watch face then gradually contract as the user exhales along with the Breathe app. In the default settings, this will repeat seven times over one minute.

Once the session is completed, users are presented with a summary screen that lets them know how many Breathe sessions they have completed so far today, and what their heart rate was measured at during the last session. There's also a "Breathe Again" button that allows users to continue, if they choose.

watchOS 3 is a free update for all Apple Watch owners that will arrive this fall. It's currently available in beta for for developers to test.

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