UE updates Boom 2, Megaboom Bluetooth speakers with Siri trigger support

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Logitech-owned Ultimate Ears on Tuesday announced a software update for its Boom 2 and Megaboom Bluetooth speakers, letting users trigger Apple's Siri or Google Now without having to reach for their phone or tablet.

After downloading improved Boom or Megaboom iOS apps, people will be able to tap the Bluetooth buttons on each speaker to trigger Siri on paired devices, Ultimate Ears said. The speakers accept voice input through built-in microphones.

Both app updates should be available later today.

The ability to trigger Siri through Bluetooth speakers isn't new — Apple's Beats Pill speakers already support the option, for example. Such support isn't universal though, and when implemented properly it can not only make music control easier but enable things like setting reminders, checking the weather, or controlling HomeKit accessories.

The Boom 2 costs $199.99, while the Megaboom is $299.99. Both are waterproof, but the Megaboom is bigger with better frequency range and battery life.


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