New leaks show bigger lens opening on 'iPhone 7,' dual-lens camera on '7 Plus'

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Photos published on Saturday depict what are claimed to be rear shells for Apple's "iPhone 7" and "7 Plus" — and particularly, evidence of the new camera technology the devices are using.

A shell for the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 includes a larger lens opening, as well as relocated antenna bands, according to images shared by NWE. A 5.5-inch "Plus" shell meanwhile incorporates twin lenses, though not much else on the part is visible.

The site added that new iPhones have been in mass production since last week, at least at Apple's second major manufacturer, Pegatron. The bulk of iPhone production is normally handled by Foxconn.

Both parts are consistent with other recent leaks indicating that the standard iPhone 7 will have some form of camera upgrade, even if its bigger sibling is moving to a dual-lens design. One rumor suggested that the 4.7-inch phone will get optical image stabilization, something previously limited to Plus models.

Apple is expected to ship new iPhones sometime in September, in keeping with a launch window established since 2012's iPhone 5. Both models may potentially abandon a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, and default to 32 gigabytes of storage, with 256 gigabytes as the new top end.


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