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Apple TV Remote app beta for iPhone gains new game controller mode

Alongside the upcoming tvOS 10 update for Apple TV, Apple will also release a new Remote app for iPhone that will replicate many of the functions of the Siri Remote. With a new update released Tuesday, the Remote app now also features a game controller mode.

Alongside Tuesday's second beta release of iOS 10, the new Remote app was also updated. Upon launching it, users will find a new game controller icon located at the top of the navigation area.

Tapping on the controller brings up a new view that's used in landscape mode. Here, the touchpad is on the left side of the iPhone, while select and play/pause buttons are on the right.

All other options, such as the Siri button, home button, "Now Playing," and a link to a list of connected devices are removed from the screen in game controller mode. This makes it easier for users to play a game on their Apple TV without the need to look down at the iPhone or accidentally press a button not intended for gameplay.

To exit the new controller view, there is a small "Done" button displayed in the upper left corner of the iPhone screen.

The physical Siri Remote itself can also be used in this manner for games, with the touchpad on the left side when held in landscape. Some titles on the tvOS App Store also use the Siri Remote's built-in accelerometers for motion-based game input.

Both tvOS 10 and the new Apple TV Remote app are available to registered developers for beta testing. Unlike Apple's legacy Remote app, which did not allow voice input, the new version aims to replicate the functionality of the Siri Remote in almost every way.

tvOS 10 also features expanded capabilities for more traditional physical game controllers. Starting with the upcoming update, games will no longer be required to support the Siri Remote, meaning more complex games that need a physical controller and its buttons will become possible.