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Update fixes 'Pokemon Go' Google account permissions issue

An update for the popular iPhone game Pokémon Go was released on Tuesday, restricting Google account permissions to the bare minimum needed for the app to function.

The Pokémon Go version 1.0.1 not only resolves the complaints about unrestricted Google account access directed at developer Niantic, but also fixes some other issues with the game. Changes include the removal of repeated user and password credentials after a force logout, stability to the Pokémon Trainer Club account login process, and fixes for unspecified issues causing crashes.

Users had been complaining that using a Google account to play the popular game granted full access to linked Google accounts on both Android and iOS, without informing the user. Niantic denied harvesting any information from players, and promised both server-side fixes, as well as a client update to rectify the problem — the latter of which has now arrived.

Pokémon Go is free, and still requires iOS 8.0 or greater, and a minimum of 193 megabytes of storage space.