Spark developer says some users locked out of Apple IDs, blames own servers

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A number of users of the popular email app Spark reported being locked out of their Apple IDs overnight, something developer Readdle later linked to server upgrades it was making.

There was "no breach or data leak," the company stated early on Friday via Twitter. Instead, server upgrades intended to prepare for the upcoming Spark for Mac are thought to have potentially triggered iCloud's security algorithms, although Readdle noted that it was "working with Apple to learn more details."

Not all Spark users have been affected, but some people may still be locked out. Others have allegedly had success using a recovery or password reset.

While Apple's online platforms are often considered fairly secure, the company has had some high-profile breaches. Perhaps the most famous was the "Celebgate" incident in 2014, in which phishing schemes were used to break into the iCloud accounts of numerous celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence. Recently, a second hacker plead guilty to charges.


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