Recent supposed 'iPhone 7' leaks come from common, questionable origin

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Revelations from China suggest all of the recent alleged "iPhone 7" hardware photos and videos do not show authentic parts, but instead mockups based off of a single design sourced from an alleged Apple manufacturing partner.

Devices shown in recent photos and China-based social media venue Weibo videos appear to have all come from the same source, or possibly the same data source and different manufacturers. The phone casings appear to be "blanks," not containing any active electronics at all.

The comparison video, for the first time in more than the Chinese social media maximum of 320x200 resolution, is from audio manufacturer BeSound and utilized one of these case blanks. AppleInsider was told that the bogus casing was purchased for $150 in China.

The case mockups closely match technical drawings rumored to be of the phone discovered in May, but the revelation that the casings are purchasable casts some doubt on the accuracy of all the photos and leaks that have cropped up recently. However, while the parts may be knock-offs, it's possible the data used to construct the mockups may prove correct.

If the "leaked" casing design is incorrect, however, it wouldn't be the first time. In September 2011, just prior to the release of the iPhone 4s, protective case manufacturers latched onto the idea that the upcoming "iPhone 5" was going to be a teardrop-shaped design. Case manufacturer Hard Candy went so far as to order steel moldings based on leaked 3D models to be first to market with product to protect the upcoming device — a bet the company ultimately lost.


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