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Hyundai adds Apple CarPlay to 2017 Sonata & Tucson

Two more 2017-model vehicles —the Sonata sedan and Tucson SUV —will be Hyundai's latest to gain support for Apple CarPlay, as well as Google's Android Auto.

The 2017 Tucson interior.

The 2017 Tucson interior.

Drivers of either vehicle should be able to use those platforms on displays up to 8 inches, but only as an upgrade option, Hyundai indicated. The Tucson comes with a 5-inch display by default, but it's not clear if CarPlay will connect to it without an upgrade. Regardless, only the SUV's Limited editions will offer support.

The Tucson is now available for prices starting at $22,700, though the Limited line costs a minimum of $29,775. The Sonata doesn't yet have a release date but will begin at $21,600.

While it has sometimes lagged behind, Hyundai has ultimately become one of the more aggressive backers of CarPlay. In May it announced software updates for various 2015 and 2016 models, whereas some carmakers have chosen to ignore retroactive support.

Apple is planning significant enhancements to CarPlay with this fall's iOS 10, such as the ability to hide or rearrange homescreen icons, and an automatic parking marker when an iPhone disconnects from a car.