Apple urges Supreme Court to end long-running Samsung patent case

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Apple on Friday delivered a legal brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold a favorable ruling in its ongoing patent lawsuit against Samsung, saying the Korean company had not furnished sufficient evidence to send the case back to a lower court.

According to Apple, Samsung failed to back up its assertion that patent trial damages like the hundreds of millions of dollars awarded to Apple in the Apple v. Samsung case should be based on individual smartphone components, not a measure of total profits, reports Reuters.

In the originating 2012 case, Samsung was found on the hook for $1.08 billion in damages after a California jury decided the company's products infringed on Apple's smartphone hardware and software patents. A subsequent partial retrial and successful appeal brought the figure down to $548 million, which Samsung paid out last year subject to reimbursement as the Korean company exhausts its legal options.

As part of efforts to dodge the original California court ruling, Samsung in March successfully petitioned the Supreme Court to hear arguments characterizing the original damages award as excessive. In particular, Samsung asserts penalties in patent actions involving complex devices like smartphones should be based on patented components, not the full product.

If Samsung is successful, the Supreme Court could return the case to a lower court, as was suggested by a U.S. Department of Justice amicus brief filed in June.

The nation's highest court is set to discuss the Apple v. Samsung case on Oct. 11.


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