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Suspect order assembly sheet purports to confirm 256GB 'iPhone 7' capacity

A noted smartphone product leaker known for collecting data from Chinese manufacturers has published an assembly sheet for the "iPhone 7," but there does not appear to be any clear designation on the paper that directly points to Apple as the client.

The sheet specifies which NAND chips go in which location on a circuit board, and in which general position they reside. Leaker "the_malignant" claims that the spec sheet confirms 32GB and 128GB capacities from an unknown manufacturer, and Toshiba-supplied 256GB storage capacities on some model of "iPhone 7."

While the leaker responsible for the the current spec sheet "leak" has a decent previous track record, the sheet has no obvious connection to Apple. The PCB numbers follow a general Apple guidance for format, but also mirrors that of other Foxconn clients.

In June, a research firm claimed that Apple had "settled on most of the specs for the next iPhone." Most of the details "confirmed" by the report had already been speculated upon, including 3 gigabytes of RAM exclusive to the larger 5.5-inch "iPhone 7 Plus."

Previous rumors have labeled the fall 2016 iPhone as both a "iPhone 7" and "iPhone 6 SE," with the latter rumor seemingly reinforced by packaging leaks of questionable accuracy on Wednesday..

The new "iPhone 7" is expected to be slightly thinner design than the iPhone 6 family, made possibly by removing the analog headphone jack. The larger 5.5-inch "Plus" variant is said to feature a dual-lens camera design.