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Assortment of Steve Jobs's personal property for sale by celebrity auction house

An online auction has started containing a large amount of Apple founder Steve Jobs' personal effects, including a leather jacket worn in a famous picture taken underneath the IBM logo.

The goods for sale have been culled from Jane Fonda's collection of celebrity goods, and is being held on Julien's Live auction site. Included in the sale are a box of home correspondence between staff and Jobs, many items of clothing, several lots of neckties, Jobs' electric razors, keys to Jobs' long-time property the Jackling House, and NeXT collectibles.

The items provenance originally stems from the caretakers of the Jackling House, and most of the pieces have been in Fonda's custody since Jobs' death.

The Jackling House was a historical property that Jobs purchased in 1984. After leasing it out to others for about a decade, he left the property un-maintained, and fought a protracted legal battle to have it demolished.

The residence was demolished in February 2011. Jobs died in October of that year, before construction of a new house on the property began.