Sports Illustrated shares NFL gameday photos promoting dual-lens iPhone 7 Plus

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Having been given an early promotional unit by Apple, Sports Illustrated on Sunday published a series of photos shot with the iPhone 7 Plus, which includes a second lens for 2x optical zoom.

The photos were snapped by professional SI photographer David Klutho at yesterday's Titans-Vikings NFL matchup, and highlighted on Twitter by Apple CEO Tim Cook. While a few of them are in-game action shots, many concentrate on pre-game moments, such as Billy Ray Cyrus singing the U.S. national anthem.

Apple made the Plus' camera technology a highlight of its iPhone 7 announcement last week, pointing out the new images possible with optical and digital zoom technology. Combined the Plus can achieve 10x zoom, although digital zoom simply blows up and enhances sensor data.

Preorders for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are already underway, in advance of the first units shipping on Friday. People ordering online now will find many shipments delayed by weeks, and some models — namely jet black versions of the iPhone 7 Plus — won't arrive until November.


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