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Apple allegedly in talks to buy self-balancing motorcycle outfit Lit Motors

Amid quashed rumors about a McLaren deal, Apple is also reportedly considering a takeover of Lit Motors, a startup with a self-balancing, all-electric motorcycle.

The two companies are in talks about a "potential acquisition," the New York Times said on Wednesday, citing three anonymous sources. Apple is already said to have hired several former Lit engineers.

The latter firm is currently developing the C-1, which despite being a motorcycle has the cabin of a car, with features like airbags, air conditioning, and a sound system. Its signature feature though is its self-balancing mechanism, which allows it to be driven like a car as well. In theory it should be able to keep a C-1 upright at all times, even in a T-bone collision.

Both Apple and Lit Motors have refused to comment.

It's not clear why Apple would want to buy Lit, but incorporating the C-1's technology would distinguish a rumored "Apple Car" from other vehicles on the market. Alternately Apple might only be interested in an "acqui-hire," picking up Lit's remaining staff to fill in workforce gaps.

If it did use Lit's technology, Apple would almost certainly have to design an entirely new vehicle, as the C-1 can only carry a single passenger — limiting its potential market.

Earlier this month reports claimed Apple laid off dozens of workers from its secret Project Titan initiative as the group refocuses from automotive hardware to software.