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Apple's first iOS 10.1 beta enables iPhone 7 Plus bokeh 'Portrait' mode

Via TechCrunch.

Promised to arrive later this year, the new "Portrait" mode utilizing the dual-lens design of the iPhone 7 Plus camera is available to test now with the newly released iOS 10.1 beta for developers.

Though it wasn't mentioned in the release notes, "Portrait" is now available to select in the native Camera app on iPhone 7 Plus units running iOS 10.1 beta 1. Initial photos demonstrating the new capabilities were published on Wednesday by TechCrunch.

When shooting photos in "Portrait" mode, users must lock onto their subject to separate it from the background. This simulates what is known as a "bokeh" effect in photography.

Instructions at the bottom of the screen inform the user whether or not there is enough light in their shot, and also whether they are too close or too far from the subject. Photos captured in this mode are labeled with "Depth Effect."

With proprietary range finding technology, the iPhone 7 Plus dual cameras can produce a selectively out-of-focus portrait. While the feature was demonstrated at the iPhone 7 Plus unveiling earlier this month, it did not ship with the device and is set to arrive in the iOS 10.1 software update later this fall.