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Facebook Messenger adds support for iOS 10's extended CallKit controls

Image Credit: 9to5Mac

Facebook on Wednesday pushed out an update to its Messenger iOS app, quietly adding support for Apple's CallKit framework, which was introduced alongside iOS 10 earlier this month.

CallKit allows incoming Messenger calls to behave like iOS' built-in Phone app on the lockscreen, with a similar set of information and controls such as mute, a dialpad, and a speakerphone toggle. Some app-specific options include the ability to launch a video conversation, or jump into Messenger.

Regardless, answering a call automatically brings users into Messenger. If a person decides to change apps mid-conversation, a tappable banner will appear at the top of the screen until the call is ended.

CallKit also extends Messenger notifications and answering to CarPlay, despite the fact that the app can't be launched from CarPlay's homescreen. Normally, the platform will only handle FaceTime or conventional voice calls.

Facebook Messenger is a free download. Basic features will run on any device with iOS 8 or later.