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Supposedly leaked ad showcases Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes edition

A video posted to YouTube on Thursday claims to show an Apple-produced television commercial promoting the new Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes model, which, if legitimate, is the company's first ad dedicated to the luxury brand's special edition.

While the veracity of the supposed Apple Watch Hermes TV spot cannot be verified, its production value and overall aesthetic is in line with other contemporary Apple Watch ads.

Spotted by 9to5Mac, the supposed 30-second commercial fast-paced and filled with color. The general motif seems to be hands — painted hands, hands picking fruit, hands spooling yarn, hands contorted into shadow puppets, hands holding birds.

Apple Watch Hermes, of course, gets its fair share of screen time, but like most recent Watch ads is not the focus of the shot. A metaphorical representation of Apple's PR of Apple Watch as companion device, the commercial blends Watch in with the background. It is by chance that the actors and actresses are wearing Watch, not necessity.

Hermes' iconic orange color also features heavily in the ad spot, seen in a ball of yarn, a wall, the woman's dress and on Apple Watch itself in the form of Hermes' Single Tour strap.

Supporting the notion that today's video is in fact legitimate is a shot that jibes with the header image on Apple's Apple Watch Hermes webpage. Specifically, a woman, who appears to be the same actress in the commercial, is seen using her hands to make a bird shadow puppet against an orange wall.

The purported ad lead comes one day before Apple is scheduled to release the Apple Watch Series 2 Hermes edition online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Like original Hermes models, the premium price of Series 2 versions net buyers custom designed leather bands, special case engravings and bespoke watch faces not available to normal Apple Watch plebes.