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Spotify debuts 'Daily Mix' to compete with Apple Music's 'For You'

Spotify on Tuesday debuted a feature called the Daily Mix, offering tailored playlists apparently meant to challenge the "For You" content on Apple Music.

Daily Mix material will be updated every 24 hours, and like Discover Weekly and Release Radar, feature tracks selected by algorithm, according to The Verge. Unlike those sections the Daily Mix is less geared toward finding new content, and more about ensuring that each track is something a person will enjoy.

In fact, people should get between one and six Daily Mix playlists per day, depending on genre tastes and specific habits. While each will often have an overriding genre, songs from different genres may be interwoven as long as they flow together. Appropriately, each playlist is identified by a mosaic of album covers and a list of artists.

Spotify won't completely refresh the content each day, but instead just tweak tracks or occasionally replace a playlist.

Apple Music's "For You" section is likewise updated daily, and offers an assortment of playlists and albums to choose from.

Although Spotify is the world's biggest on-demand music service, with 40 million paid subscribers and many more on its ad-based tier, it has been looking to solidify that position given Apple Music's rapid growth. Still less than two years old, the latter is already over 17 million subscribers.