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Google Maps updates with new iOS 10 widgets, more place details

Google has updated the iOS version of Maps with a few significant improvements, among them widgets redesigned for iOS 10, and more details about some of the places users visit.

The new Nearby Transit and Travel Times widgets are functionally similar to their predecessors, but have been updated to fit the new look and scheme for widgets in iOS 10. The first identifies the closest public transit options and when they're expected to arrive, while Travel Times can show estimated times to home and work, whether by car or transit.

Some location descriptions in the app will now include their features, atmosphere, and amenities, giving users a better sense of whether or not they'd want to visit.

Along the same lines, people writing reviews of places can now upload their own photos at the same time. While user photos were visible before, the change could increase the number available to browse.

Google Maps is a free download and runs on any device with iOS 8 or later.