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Facebook adds Apple TV & Chromecast support to Web and iOS videos

Facebook on Thursday officially rolled out support for streaming videos to an Apple TV or Google Chromecast, making it easier to watch them on bigger screens.

The option is currently available on the Web and through the Facebook iOS app. Android-to-Chromecast support is coming "soon," the social network said said. Facebook often prefers debuting new features on iOS.

Videos can in fact be pushed to any display device that supports either AirPlay or Google Cast. To stream people need to find a video they want to watch and hit the TV symbol in the top right corner, which will open a menu with nearby target devices.

Facebook noted that TV streaming won't interrupt browsing the News Feed on the original device, and that when watching live material, both comments and reactions will appear on top, as usual.

Some people may have already had access to the Cast/AirPlay feature, but it's now accessible to everyone.