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Apple pushes Campus 2 completion into 2017, possibly changing move-in plans

Construction work on Apple's new Cupertino headquarters, Campus 2, now won't be finished until the beginning of 2017, according to the city's latest weekly update on the project.

Street and building work was originally meant to be wrapped up in the third quarter, leaving construction nearly a month overdue. The Cupertino government also remarked that landscaping and site work, which only started in Q3, won't be done until at least the second quarter of next year.

It's unclear if the delay — not the first for the project — will impact Apple's plans to move in. CEO Tim Cook previously told his workforce that they would begin moving in by the end of January, but now that could mean employees setting up weeks or even days after construction crews have cleared, if Apple isn't forced to delay the move-in outright.

Campus 2 was designed with input from late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and has been a major endeavor. The site is eventually expected to house over 13,000 workers in a unique ring-shaped structure. Most of the complex's power will come from on-site solar and fuel cells, and some other features will include the likes of a 1,000-seat theater and a 100,000-square-foot fitness center.

A recent report indicated that Apple's current headquarters, located at 1 Infinite Loop, will fill up with people from the company's various cloud teams, including Siri, iCloud, Apple Music, iTunes, and more. The same report suggested that Campus 2's population could grow much higher than the 13,000 figure.