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Elgato officially debuts Apple HomeKit-compatible Eve Motion sensor

After teasing the product at a trade show in September, HomeKit device manufacturer Elgato has officially unveiled its motion sensor, the Eve Motion.

the new motion sensor by long-time Apple accessory vendor Elgato has a 120 degree sensor with a 9 meter range (29.5 feet), and is splash-proof. The device runs on a pair of AA batteries, with a lifetime of a year.

Through the Home app in iOS 10, the new motion sensor can be used to switch devices, or as a trigger for pre-configured scenes. Connectivity is as normal with HomeKit — through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi depending on user configuration and needs.

The Eve Motion is now available for $49.95.

Introduced in 2014, HomeKit allows users to connect to a variety of compatible so-called "internet of things" devices through the iOS Home app in conjunction with each other, as opposed to a series of disconnected interfaces. The addition of Siri control to HomeKit allows for complicated sequences of events to be induced from an iOS device or a Mac running Sierra.