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'Super Mario Run' App Store purchases exceed reported 3% guesstimate, Apple says

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Reports claiming a low number of $9.99 "Super Mario Run" upgrade purchases are said to be inaccurate, based on supposed "wrong assumptions" made by an app analytics firm, AppleInsider has learned.

Analytics firm NewZoo made headlines on Tuesday for an estimate suggesting "Super Mario Run" has generated about $30 million in gross revenue, equating to around 3 million purchasers. NewZoo has also tallied 90 million downloads for "Super Mario Run."

According to The Wall Street Journal, while downloads are high for Nintendo's "Super Mario Run," the amount of players opting to buy the $9.99 unlock for the title are supposedly low — estimated at 3 percent of the user base by NewZoo.

However, AppleInsider reached out to Apple for comment on the matter, and was told by sources within the company that attach rates are "more than 3 percent" and "some wrong assumptions have been made by [NewZoo]."

Apple declined to provide more data on the situation.

"Super Mario Run" still retains the top spot on the free app chart on the iOS App Store. However, after a brief period at the top of both the top grossing app index on store, the game has since fallen to 14th place. "Pokemon Go" continues to lead the top grossing charts after six months of release.

"Pokemon Go" has a different model than "Super Mario Run" for income, relying on in-game consumables, rather than a one-time purchase like "Super Mario Run."

"Super Mario Run" is free to download from the App Store, though unlocking the full game requires a $9.99 purchase. The title is a 204-megabyte download, which grows to 345 MB after the first data download — and there are a few as the game goes on.