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Apple shares new 'One Night' ad as part of 'Shot on iPhone 7' campaign

Apple on Monday aired the latest of its iPhone 7 commercials, once again putting the handset's imaging capabilities front and center with a collection of videos and photos from around the world, all captured on a single night.

Set to the jazzy piano stylings of the Ahmad Jamal Trio, Apple's minute-long spot is an expansion of the recent "One Night on iPhone 7" ad blitz that debuted last week.

Part of the larger "Shot on iPhone" campaign, the "One Night" series focuses on iPhone's ability to capture stunning images even in low-light settings. For example, today's spot showcases fireworks displays, portraiture lit with neon lights, flickering flames illuminating an ice cave and other scenes that difficult or impossible to capture with lesser equipment.

Punctuating iPhone's impact on the smartphone space, and serving as a reminder of its ubiquity, Apple incorporates pictures shot by amateur and professional photographers from around the world.

Officially called "Shot on iPhone 7," Apple reminds viewers that some photos were taken with iPhone 7 Plus and, in some cases, "additional hardware." For the most part, however, it seems the photos and video highlighted in today's ad were generated by iPhone's built-in Camera app, which features optical image stabilization support, automatic metering, color correction, time-lapse functionality and other advanced features.

When it debuted iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in September, Apple introduced what it claimed to be the best smartphone camera on the market. For the latest generation device, Apple opted to include OIS across the board, making it easier for users to take pictures in dimly lit scenes.

In addition to a revamped 12-megapixel sensor, the new iPhone models are powered by an Apple-designed image signal processor that detects faces and bodies, sets exposure, sets white balance, captures wide color, reduces noise, and much more. The larger iPhone 7 Plus also features a second 12-megapixel sensor with "telephoto" lens.