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Tim Cook talks Steve Jobs as inspiration, immigration executive order at University of Glasgow

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at his honorary degree ceremony at the University of Glasgow, discussing what motivations graduates should use for employment, President Trump's immigration executive order, and Steve Jobs as his main professional inspiration.

At the "Fireside chat" portion of the presentation, Cook decried the immigration ban executive order, signed by President Trump.

"I do not support the immigration ban," said Cook. "If we stand and say nothing, we become a part of it."

Cook also noted that Apple wasn't an activist company, but as a company only speaks up where the company has interest or is relevant to the company as a whole.

Regarding inspiration for work, Cook instructed the students to not use money as a primary motivating factor. Citing a difference between merely doing work to earn, and loving a job, Cook advised attendees that a drive for money "will wear out fast, or never be enough."

Cook was asked about his inspirations in life, and clearly stated that Steve Jobs was the primary influence on him professionally.

"He took a risk with me when I was 36 years old," Cook said about Steve Jobs. "I recognized that I had been on the wrong path and was rudderless."

"He had a focus that was unlike any other," Cook added. "His thinking was so pure, he wasn't trying to maximize his wealth or anything else."

According to Cook, Jobs' priorities in life were family, Apple, and Pixar, in that order "with little else."

Cook has been touring European locations in recent days, including visits to Germany and France. Just prior to the session, Cook stopped at the Glasgow Apple store.