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Apple marks Autism Acceptance Month at App Store, sets up musical 'Field Trips'

Apple is engaged in a pair of activities to promote April as Autism Acceptance Month, including a new collection at the App Store, and tailored "Field Trips" at its retail outlets.

The App Store collection gathers together various downloads useful for people autism and/or their parents, primarily apps such as Motion Math: Pizza, Toca Life: School, and the $249.99 communications interface Proloquo2Go. The page also includes books, podcasts, and courses on iTunes U.

The related Field Trips are music events featuring the Skoog, a cubic device that lets the disabled play music in GarageBand and other apps for the iPad, journalist Steven Aquino noted on Twitter. Field Trips are organized school outings where classes work on projects using Apple devices and software.

Apple has catered to the disabled for many years by selling third-party apps and accessories, and offering various OS accessibility features. Typically the company doesn't draw much attention to the fact, one notable exception being at last year's Worldwide Developers Conference, where the company took time out to promote wheelchair activity tracking in watchOS 3.