Indie gaming hit Fez coming to Apple's iOS later this year

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Popular indie game Fez is coming to mobile platforms later in 2017 — including at least Apple's iOS, developer Polytron revealed this week.

Though most details haven't been announced, a new teaser trailer depicts the game running on an iPad. In fact it's unclear if it will be available on other mobile platforms, like the iPhone, Android devices, or the Nintendo Switch.

Fez originally debuted on the Xbox 360 but has since come to Windows, Mac, PlayStation, and even Linux.

Done in a retro art style with a chiptune soundtrack by Disasterpeace, Fez is nominally a 2D platformer, but lets players rotate their view in 90-degree increments to reveal puzzle pieces or new paths and clues. It became famous partly because people realized there was a complex mystery beneath the main game, requiring players to piece together codes and cyphers littered around the gameworld.

Designer Phil Fish was featured in the 2012 documentary "Indie Game: The Movie," and the title is credited with influencing later games like Monument Valley.

It's unclear how the iOS interface will work, since on other platforms, keys and/or shoulder buttons make it easy to rotate perspective while also running, jumping, and climbing. Indeed that could support the idea that the game will be iPad-only, since that hardware would have ample space for onscreen controls.


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