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New mid-April drone footage shows trespasser's view of Apple Park site

"Phase 2" R&D facility of Apple Park, at night

The latest drone footage captured by YouTube videographer Duncan Sinfield peers into Apple Park windows and flies under the solar panel roof of its parking structure, adding additional images of the construction site at night.

Apparently taken just days ago, the drone footage hops around the nearly finished campus, hovering for floor-level shots of its empty (but essentially complete) above-ground parking garages, then skims the tree tops of the landscaped plot before flying right up in the windows of its central Spaceship ring.

Some of the included footage was captured at night, including views into the Spaceships high-ceiling cafeteria and shots of its Phase 2 research and design facilities flanking the southeast corner of the site (above, top).

While much of the projects ground cover is still missing, it appears that most of its trees have been planted. The interiors of the sites buildings also suggest that Apple is on target to begin moving employees into the new facility shortly.

Originally known as Apple Campus 2, work began in 2013 on demolishing the former structures and parking lots used by HP, followed by rapid construction process that kicked off in 2014.

In February, Apple announced that the site would be called Apple Park, and that its 1,000 seat underground theater would be named after the companys late cofounder Steve Jobs.