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Laurene Powell Jobs to detail philanthropic efforts at Code conference

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Laurene Powell Jobs, wife of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, will be making an appearance at May's Code conference to discuss her trust's philanthropic efforts.

Announcing the appearance, Re/code notes that she will be appearing with U.S. Senator for California Kamala Harris, and will be discussing why she's working with "social entrepreneurs" with her trust, the Emerson Collective, and what other people can do to help tackle larger issues plaguing the country and world.

The Emerson collective centers its work on education, immigration reform, the environment and other social initiatives.

The Code conference will take place between May 30 and June 1 at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. Also expected to appear at the conference are Steve Ballmer, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Uber founder Travis Kalanick, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, amongst others.

Powell Jobs inherited the Steven P. Jobs Trust, which at the time of inheritance had a 7.3 percent stake in Disney worth approximately $11.1 billion, and 38.5 million shares of Apple. In 2016, Fortune magazine named her as the richest woman in the technology industry.

Besides founding the Emerson Collective, and managing the Laurene Powell Jobs Trust, Powell Jobs sits on the board of directors of College Track, NewSchools Venture Fund, Conservation International, and Stanford University.