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Readdle launches proprietary file drag-and-drop for its apps in iPad split-screen

Addressing a feature lacking native support from iOS, developer Readdle has announced a new drag-and-drop feature for its own apps, including PDF Expert, Spark and Scanner Pro, that works in the iPad's split-screen multitasking view.

The new feature is compatible with Readdle's productivity apps: Documents, Scanner Pro, PDF Expert and Spark. Announcing the feature on Thursday, the company called it a "major innovation" for Apple's iOS platform.

The new feature brings to life the kind of drag-and-drop cross-app functionality that iOS and iPad users have been clamoring for. Just this week, MacStories presented a series of mockups showcasing similar capabilities as they would like to see them in a future update to iOS.

However, Readdle's capabilities are, for now, limited to its own apps. It's compatible with all iPad Pro models, as well as the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 4.

Readdle's drag-and-drop can be used to save email attachments from Spark to the Documents 6 file storage app, to quickly attach scans and files to emails, or to sign and edit document attachments and send them back.

"The Readdle Team hopes that Apple will introduce their own implementation of inter app drag & drop one day," the company wrote on its official blog. "That will support other apps and make iPad a much better productivity device than it is now."

The new capability arrives alongside Documents 6, a major update that aims to bring file management capabilities to iOS. The latest version has a new design that aims to simplify navigation, requiring fewer taps to edit, zip, tag, move or sync files.

Files also have bigger preview thumbnails so users can peek at the contents without having to open them. And it offers connectivity with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and WebDAV.

Any locally stores files can be opened in in any app with the "Open In" option, giving Documents 6 the feel of Finder on macOS.