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Apple's Tim Cook, other tech CEOs poised to attend White House summit led by Jared Kushner

An inaugural meeting of the American Technology Council —organized by the Trump administration, and led by President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner —will reportedly take place at the White House on June 19, and may see as many as 12 major tech executives attend, including Apple's Tim Cook.

The summit will include both a general gathering and smaller sessions devoted to special topics, such as cloud computing and sales to government agencies, according to three Bloomberg sources. Currently there are 11 planned attendees, among them Cook, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Microsoft's Satya Nadella, IBM's Ginni Rometty, and Alphabet's Eric Schmidt.

Facebook has been invited to send a delegate, but hasn't replied to an invitation, one source said.

The Council was created through an executive order by Trump on May 1, and asked to "transform and modernize" the government's use of IT and digital services. Trump appointed Kushner to head the group —its director though is Chris Liddell, a former CFO at Microsoft and GM.

Cook has had a complicated relationship with the Trump administration. While he has previously spoken with both Kushner and Trump, he has often been critical of Trump administration policies, going so far as to call the President personally on the matter of the Paris climate accord.

Indeed while Cook is allegedly invited to this month's summit, it's not clear if he'll attend. Earlier this month he denied having joined any Trump advisory council.

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