Bangalore iPhone App Accelerator facility gives attendees a two-year lead on competition

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Developers from Apple's Bangalore, India App Accelerator claim that the center gives them a leg up on competitors, with the mentoring help them adopt Apple's frameworks much quicker than they would have otherwise.

Gadgets 360 spoke to many developers who signed up for Apple's training at the App Accelerator, with all of them celebrating Apple's efforts.

"The experience at the App Accelerator has been really good; Apple really wants Indian developers to be part of the global players," Alvin Varghese, the founder of Swift India Developer Community told Gadgets 360. "We are glad that Apple is doing this."

Apple's facility can handle up to 500 developers a week. Sessions range between two and four hours, with Apple employees training on the newest APIs, focusing lately on SiriKit.

One developer noted that without the accelerator, it takes them around two years to integrate Apple's new frameworks. Before the training, they would wait until people got the update, and then start work on the new features.

"Here we give a greater opportunity for the developers in the market to learn about these innovations quicker, play with them, experiment with them, understand how they can best use them in their apps," said Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller when the facility launched. "I think that can help them to make more innovative apps, quicker than if we weren't here."

Apple also instructs the developers to focus more on local audiences, rather than pursuing the U.S. user base.

The Accelerator opened at the end of March, and hosts labs and presentations on elements like interface design, working with frameworks, and coding in Swift. Help is available for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Rvents at the Accelerator are free, but attendees must be registered Apple developers, and sign into the center's scheduling page.