Cedars-Sinai pilot uses Apple's iPad to provide patient with data, control infection in NICU

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A pilot program at Cedars-Sinai hospital is not only using iPads to relay vital information to patients, but is also being used by parents with children in the NICU for interaction when the chance of spreading infection to the vulnerable is high.

In an account published by TechCrunch, the Los Angeles, Calif. hospital's program of allowing patients to see their own information was examined. Using electronic health records software My CS-Link, patients can look up all of their information online, which includes notes from care professionals regarding treatment.

Benefits extend beyond patient awareness. Nurse's workloads are decreased, eliminating some duplication of effort in record-keeping, as well has being able to present educational videos to patients on demand, rather than through a loop on the hospital's television system, or a wheeled-in video cart.

Also spotted, new parents are using iPads to FaceTime into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, when babies are required to remain in the unit over fear of infection. While likely not as good as physical contact, the iPads allow for some bonding, as well as a way for parents to see the children when they may otherwise not be able to do so when recovering from delivery.

Cedars-Sinai doctor Shaun Miller said to TechCrunch that the next step is "opening up API's and adding data standards" to be sure that information is correct, and to further enhance communication with patients.

A similar program launched with the opening of the Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla, Calif. That facility has a patient care and information system utilizing the Apple TV, an iPad, and a large flat-screen television in all 245 rooms.

Apple itself has its eye on medical records and patient information. It put out a call for an attorney with U.S. healthcare data law HIPAA experience in May 2016, and also reportedly bought medical record company Gliimpse in later in August.


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