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Feral porting BioShock Remastered to macOS to commemorate 10th anniversary of title

Mac game porting house Feral is releasing BioShock Remastered for macOS, with the new title bringing 1080p graphics to the heralded decade-old title.

Originally developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K for Windows and console, "BioShock Remastered" is set in the decaying underwater city of Rapture, in an alternate 1960.

"BioShock Remastered" plunges players into the dystopian underwater Rapture after a plane crash. To survive the onslaughts of the city's mutated inhabitants, players must rewrite their own genetic codes, and find creative ways to combine their powers with scavenged weapons.

The remastered version is not an update to the original title, but a new game. It will be available directly from Feral, Steam, and the Mac App Store.

Feral has not confirmed system requirements, but on Windows, the title requires a Core 2 Duo processor at 2.66 GHz or faster, and a Radeon GTX 670 or Radeon HD 7770 or better. Recommended specs are a 3GHz quad-core processor, and a Radeon HD 7970 or Nvidia GTX 770 and better.

On Steam, the Windows version sells for $19.99.