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Pixelmator Pro image tool with CoreML, Metal 2 enhancements coming in the fall to iOS, macOS

The Pixelmator developers have turned to Apple's CoreML machine learning toolset, and are releasing Pixelmator Pro in the fall to directly combat Photoshop's market dominance.

Announced on Tuesday, The new Pixelmator Pro has a redesigned interface and look. The older version's floating tool palettes are gone, in favor of expanded sidebar selections, and a new tab feature allows to switch between versions of the active image as work progresses.

A series of new tools allows the user to design layouts, and create vector graphics like Adobe Illustrator as well. Retouching images, and digital painting remain at the core of the app, and have been improved with the new version.

Pixelmator Pro retains nondestructive image editing, like its predecessor. A new Recipes feature allows users to save developed effects, use them in other images, and share them with other users.

Also added are custom key layouts for the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar, iCloud sync between iOS and Mac, and split-screen multitasking on the iPad.

Apple's CoreML has been utilized for a repair tool to remove and replace aspects of a photo. CoreML also facilitates a new quick selection tool, label layering based on content, and automatic image straightening based on horizon detection.

Pixelmator will still be maintained after Pixelmator Pro's release, according to the company. A specific release date is not yet known, nor is pricing.