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AppleCare+ iPhone 8 back screen glass replacement $99, not screen repair cost of $29

Users with AppleCare+ for the iPhone are accustomed to a relatively new $29 screen replacement from Apple — but that only applies to the screen in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and not the back glass.

Disassemblies of the iPhone 8 family have shown a relatively simple disassembly process for a screen replacement. However, the back glass is retained with a significant quantity of glue and is essentially fused into the case assembly itself.

AppleInsider spoke with an assortment of Apple employees, with all of them confirming that a broken back-glass did not qualify for a $29 screen replacement. Instead, the back glass is generally subject to the $99 "other damage" fee, plus tax.

After two incidents of accidental damage a higher replacement cost is charged — $349 for the iPhone 8, and $399 for the iPhone 8 Plus. Additionally, we were told that in some incidents that the "out of warranty" replacement cost would apply in cases of "mass destruction" of the rear case.

AppleCare+ extends Apple's limited warranty on the iPhone for an extra year, and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage for a nominal fee. Coverage for the iPhone 8 costs $129, with $149 for the iPhone 8 Plus. An AppleCare+ plan must be purchased alongside a device, or within 60 days.