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Discover allows claiming Cashback Bonuses through Apple Pay

Credit card firm Discover on Wednesday announced that people can now claim Cashback Bonuses for Apple Pay transactions directly through the iPhone's Wallet app.

Customers need a Discover card in Wallet, the separate Discover Mobile app, and crucially, a rewards balance above the purchase price. To apply a bonus, people must make a purchase using Apple Pay, after which they can hit "Tap for Details" in Wallet under "Last Transaction," then select "Redeem" to apply credit to their statement.

There are some additional limitations —transactions must be over $1, and T-Mobile subscribers can't claim bonuses unless they're connected to Wi-Fi.

Discover card owners could already apply Cashback Bonuses to purchases made with Apple Pay, but the new option should speed up the process.

Under-the-hood improvements, even minor ones, are relatively rare with Apple Pay. The next major advancement should be Apple Pay Cash, a PayPal-style holding account that will also enable person-to-person money transfers through Messages. Both features are still in testing, even though they were once expected to debut alongside iOS 11 in September.