iMac Pro used for demo station, photographed at Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit

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Apple's iMac Pro made an appearance at the Final Cut Pro Creative Summit, with users at the gathering using it for rendering and demonstrations of the newly-announced update to the video composition suite.

Twitter user Chris Fenwick took a shot of the device, calling it "beautiful" and capable of playing un-rendered 8K footage in a Timeline in the updated Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro enthusiast blog took a shot of the front of the machine at the event on Friday, including the Space Gray Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and keyboard.

Twitter user "bkbkbk" got a shot of the front of the machine from a different angle, and a close-up of the Magic Mouse in Space Gray.

The iMac Pro made a brief appearance at the 2017 WWDC. It will feature a 5K display, Vega Graphics, up to 18-core Xeon processors, up to 4TB of SSD storage, and will start at $4999 when it ships in December.

At the Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit on Friday, Apple debuted Final Cut Pro 10.4, a hotly anticipated update to the flagship professional video editing suite that includes support for VR, HDR footage, direct integration for iOS video and more. Apple has not announced a firm release date, but says the next version of FCPX will be available at some time in 2017.


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