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First look: Apple's official iPhone X leather and silicone cases

Though Apple is holding back deliveries of the iPhone X until its official launch on Friday, the company has placed no such restrictions on official cases for the highly anticipated handset, as customers have now been receiving Apple's official iPhone X protective cases.

Ahead of Friday's launch, Apple provided AppleInsider with an iPhone X review unit and a white silicone case.

Separately, we ordered an Apple-branded iPhone X leather case in black, which arrived in the mail before the official launch date. Apple retail stores have also begun selling iPhone X cases prior to launch.

The official iPhone X case lineup comes in three distinct models: the silicone is priced at $39, while the leather is $49. Finally, there is also an iPhone X Leather Folio case, with a protective screen cover that doubles as a wallet for cards and identification, priced at $99.

Anyone who has used Apple's previous official silicone and leather cases for the iPhone will be familiar with the quality of the new cases. Of course, they have been redesigned to fit the new chassis of the iPhone X, as well as the vertical rear camera array, but they still look, feel and fit like their predecessors, and feature an Apple logo emblazoned on the back.

Apple continues to warn that the leather cases, which are made from specially tanned and finished European leather, will develop a natural patina over time.

The folio case is a new design for Apple, and for the first time brings Smart Cover like functionality first introduced on the iPad to the iPhone lineup. Like with iPad covers, the leather folio includes a microfiber lining that will help remove fingerprints from the display when closed.

Notably, all of Apple's cases — and also many third-party ones — are compatible with inductive wireless charging. That means you can leave your case on the iPhone X when you place it on a compatible charging pad.

While Apple's iPhone X cases are currently available direct from the company, they're also listed as "coming soon" at resellers, including AppleInsider partner B&H, where customers can be notified when the iPhone X leather, leather folio and silicone cases become available.

AppleInsider will have much more on the iPhone X, including our full review, in the coming days.