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Warby Parker app uses TrueDepth camera in iPhone X to recommend frames that will best fit the user

Warby Parker's app update to accommodate the iPhone X uses the TrueDepth camera to go beyond just a virtual try-on of glasses, and recommends styles that suit the user's face shape.

The new system supplements the old recommendation engine, which suggests glasses based on what pairs the user has selected. But, the company stops short of using ARKit on the iPhone X to overlay the glasses on the user's face.

Warby Parker was founded in 2010, to sell glasses and eyewear primarily online. The "home try-on" program allows customers to choose five frames which they can try for free for five days. Frames generally cost $100 and up.

The updated Warby Parker app requires iOS 10.0 or later, is a 100MB download, and is free. Obviously, the face measurement feature requires an iPhone X.