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Apple to reopen improved Burlingame & Burlington stores on Nov. 18

An early render of Apple's Burlingame plans. | Image Credit: Storeteller

Two Apple outlets — one in Burlingame, Calif. and the other in Burlington, Mass. — will both reopen on Saturday, Nov. 18 at 10 a.m. local time, following months of renovation work.

The timing likely stems from Apple wanting the stores ready for Black Friday shopping on Nov. 24. The company has also been updating the size and looks of other U.S. stores however, such as its Century City location in Los Angeles.

The current Apple retail aesthetic involves touches like wooden shelves, oversized video displays, and where possible elements like trees and large glass doors. Bigger stores will sometimes get dedicated seating for Today at Apple events.

Apple Burlingame is one of the company's oldest shops, dating back to July 2003. Apple Burlington is more recent, but still dates back to Nov. 2005.