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Redesigned YouTube app returns to Amazon's Echo Show

Amazon has brought a YouTube app back to the display-equipped Echo Show, apparently resolving a conflict with Google over terms of service.

The redesigned app.

The redesigned app.

In its restored form, the app more closely resembles YouTube's Web interface, Voicebot noted on Tuesday. Before service was interrupted in September, Amazon had implemented a custom interface adapted to the Show's 7-inch touchscreen and voice controls.

It's this non-standard layout which led Google to withdraw support, drawing ire from both Amazon and existing Show owners. While the device has other video functions —such as calls, watching security cameras, and Amazon Video —YouTube had been an important draw.

The Show now also supports Vimeo and Dailymotion, Amazon said in a statement. Asking Alexa to search for a YouTube video will still display results in the old style.

Apple is due to enter the smartspeaker market next year with the HomePod. The $349 product is mainly focused on high-end audio, with Siri support taking a backseat.