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C by GE smart bulbs gaining HomeKit support in early 2018

GE is still planning on bringing HomeKit compatibility to its C by GE smart lightbulb lineup, pledging support for Apple's smart home platform in its C-Life and C-Sleep bulbs and C-Reach Hub in early 2018, long after its original support announcement last year.

The C by GE smart bulb range has supported other smart home platforms and virtual assistants for some time, including Amazon's Alexa and the Google Assistant, but intends to bring it to HomeKit in the near future. Initially reported by Engadget, the HomeKit support will be introduced sometime in the first quarter of 2018.

According to the release, the HomeKit compatibility will be added to the white-only C-Life and temperature-shifting C-Sleep bulbs, using the C-Reach Hub. Once added, users will be able to add the bulbs to HomeKit lighting scenes, and control the lights using Siri via an iPhone or iPad.

The same plan for HomeKit support for the bulbs was initially announced in May 2017, with the C-Reach Hub acting as a bridge between the bulbs and the rest of the HomeKit-enabled network. At the time, it was claimed the support would be enabled over the summer for both HomeKit and Amazon's Alexa.

The C-Reach Hub and both the C-Life and C-Sleep bulbs are already available to purchase, with the Hub priced at $49.99 and the bulbs starting from $19.99, while starter packs start from $64.99.

As part of the same announcement, GE is also bringing out Smart Ceiling Fixtures, which it calls "the industry's first voice-integrated ceiling fixtures" that provides audio and light with voice control. A Smart Wall Switch is also intended for launch this year, providing control of connected lights using "your voice and your favorite voice assistant," though without specifically naming any compatibility with specific smart home platforms.

Lastly, GE will be adding more updates to its Sol Lamp Extensions, including enabling Spotify and SiriusXM connectivity and Amazon's Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) feature, which allows it to sync with other Alexa devices in a home.