C-Reach Hub brings HomeKit compatibility to C by GE's 'sleep' and 'life' LED bulbs

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The family of devices compatible with Apple's HomeKit is soon to grow, with a bridge to make the established C by GE smart lightbulbs work with the system coming over the summer.

While the C by GE light bulb family has been available for some time, the company will ship a device to make them compatible with Apple's HomeKit and Amazon's Alexa this summer. The C-Reach Hub will allow consumers to use Siri through the Home app to control the bulbs like any other HomeKit-compatible peripheral.

The C by GE bulb line launched in early 2016, without any form of HomeKit compatibility. The bulbs themselves have Bluetooth transmitters, and without a hub or bridge lack any form of remote control outside the home.

A specific launch date for the hub is not yet clear, nor is expected pricing. A standard C by GE LED starter pack retails for $74.99 for a four-pack, with other options available.

Introduced in 2014, HomeKit allows users to connect to a variety of compatible so-called "internet of things" devices through the iOS Home app in conjunction with each other, as opposed to a series of disconnected interfaces. The addition of Siri control to HomeKit allows for complicated sequences of events to be induced from an iOS device or a Mac running Sierra.


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