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HomePod AppleCare+ costs $39, accidental damage without incurs $279 fee for repair

Apple's AppleCare+ extended warranty and accidental damage repair program for the HomePod retails for $39, with a single out-of-warranty repair like accidental damage from a drop otherwise costing the user $279 uncovered, and $39 when under the program.

The checkout process for a HomePod has said since the pre-order process that AppleCare+ coverage extending the warranty to two years, granting a longer customer support window, and providing for reduced-cost out-of-warranty repairs would cost $39. However, a new support document published on Friday breaks down the HomePod repair process, as well as costs associated with the repair.

There are no varying costs associated with different problems with the unit, like there are for a screen versus a battery replacement on an iPhone. Any damage out-of-warranty on a HomePod, like damage from the unit being dropped, or submerged in water will cost the user $279.

Users with AppleCare+ are subject to a $39 fee for up to two accidental damage incidents. AppleCare+ also grants users an express replacement service, where Apple will ship a replacement HomePod to the user in advance of return of the non-functional one. A return of the original HomePod is required within 10 days to avoid additional charges up to and including the cost of a new HomePod.

Apple is offering shipment of a HomePod to a service center, like it offers for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Users who need the device to be shipped, rather than visiting an Apple Store, must pay $19.99 for the service, in addition to any fee associated with the repair.